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Helping Fund Foundation (HFF), a non-profit organization, started in 2016 to help students in Jamat who cannot afford fees and need short-term support. We provide them loan with easy installment so that they can continue education. Subsequently, we have accelerated our criteria and start helping families to startup with small business, also we are giving small loans to people who wanted to buy vehicle to commute to / from work to home or start uber business.

Global poverty is a real problem. Non-Profits and civil societies have to play a pivotal role in paying the path for the less fortunate and one of the essential requests is financial support for little things so that families can concentrate on big-picture i.e., Alleviating themselves from the cycle of poverty. HFF is dedicated to providing critical support by having an easy application process for financial assistance.

The financial support can be for purchasing an automobile, paying school fees, paying off debt, helping with the mortgage to avoid foreclosure, Driving lessons, and other critical expenses.

Our core values are to inspire hope, foster kindness, show compassion & empathy, self-empowerment and support in paying a path for families to see beyond the horizon and to dream for a better quality of life.

World health organization research finding on poverty are:
1. People like to learn how to fish so that their dignity stays intact and stigma is around them
2. The only sure way is to educate

HFF is an organization addressing poverty-related issues surrounding families nationally and internationally. HFF is steadfast in finding effective ways to serve individuals & families without stigma and holistically supporting to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives while strengthening our communities. It is based on solidarity/harmony rather than charity alone.